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About Pauls Locksmith Seattle

We at Paul's Locksmith Seattle take every possible measure to offer you the best locksmiths in Seattle . Our highly trained and experienced team of locksmiths know just how to solve your emergency locksmith needs . Paul's Locksmith Seattle is highly trusted throughout Seattle due to its amazing team and services. We satisfy your emergency locksmith needs by providing superior 24/7 residential and commercial locksmith solutions for private homes, vehicles, and corporations throughout Seattle and its surrounding neighborhoods. There is no need to wait now - Call us immediately for exceptional Seattle emergency locksmith services, and we will quickly and efficiently dispatch a technician to resolve your issues.We are here to solve any and all of your locksmith needs. This includes emergency locksmith, commercial locksmith, residential locksmith, and vehicle locksmith. Paul's Locksmith Seattle will provide your commercial business with a team of highly trained professional locksmiths to ensure the utmost security. Your commercial business will have the highest level of security thanks to our locksmiths. And it is not only commercial businesses that get to have that top level of security. We are Paul's Locksmith Seattle will secure your private residential homes as well. Just like how we serve the commercial businesses of Seattle, we will ensure the security of your private residential homes. Our locksmiths will make sure that everything including your family, pets, and belongings are safe.


Residential Lockouts, Commercial Locksouts, Automotive Lockouts,Locks Repair / Replace, Rekey,Locks Change, New Car Keys,Igniton Repair / Replace.


Customers Testimonials

  • Jason F.Seattle, WA I just purchased a new business space. I looked up the top locksmiths in the Seattle area and found Paul's Locksmith Seattle. I called them up and told them that I just wanted the locks to be re-keyed. A trained locksmith showed up on time and re-keyed my locks quickly. He did a great job. 
  • mary g.seattle WA i was locked out of my home last Friday and could not find a spare key anywhere . so i called Paul's locksmith in Seattle and they came right out , got me back in no time. thank you guys for a job well done.
  • Jessica M.Seattle, WA I accidentally locked my keys in my car a couple weeks ago. I looked up locksmiths on my phone and found this one. They came and got me back in my car in less than 20 minutes!
  • Mitchell B. Seattle, WA After moving into a different apartment, I found out that the locks were ancient and barely working. I called up Paul's Locksmiths Seattle, and they came over to take care of it. They were quick and cheap!
  • Andy L.Seattle, WA Something was wrong with the lock on my new house, but I had no idea what was wrong. Someone from Paul's Locksmith Seattle came over, and he was able to figure it out right away. He was also able to fix the problem quickly.

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